Day 316 (Free Rhyme: WP & Co)


Mode: Musiquement


It is rare in Kenya, whether in real life, twitter, blogs or elsewhere to find guys (or girls) that really know their hip hop. I mean, really know their sh#t.

WP is definitely one among those few dudes. So while going over his blog, I came across this rap battle and I’ve decided to jipox a little. But before I do, let me just say that there’s no fan of hip hop that’s never thought he could grab a writing implement, get a blank space and write bars over an instrumental or even kick flows off the top of the head. So yeah, it is what is. I’m not really a battle rapper or anything but I keep a few rhymes handy..


Yo Will, I’m in this b3tch like a double agent with flows flagrant
block emcees like Terry Cruise’s ad for Old Spice fragrance
I have no patience like incompetent surgeons/
the industry is purging itself
when it starts flirting with dance music and pop
we are/
this nuisance must stop,
move to drop these acts that are misusing hiphop
we are/
all I hear is Envy, your reputation precedes you
like the word from a king, a young messiah to the hebrews/
I please dudes then flip on emcees like trapeze do/
they flee through crevices, holes but we see who
can blow spots, command shows like commandos/
i break what you built, destroy it like a vandal
in your face like the media cover scandals
make holy tracks with the trail from jesus’ sandals/
Keep the sound locked, pianos and xylophone keys,
We blow trees, into pot like pods with two peas,
My pens-ill, clutch the stylus like the pencil,
Outline the streets like stories written in stencil,
Gift of gab, wrapping like elves and St. Nicolas,
Sick with this, ridiculous, punchlines vicious
I’m that one rotten apple that infected the rest,
The fruit of the earth spoilt by the toil of the best,
Black diamond, many carrots I’m the vegetable patch,
Bad quarter-back, throwing concepts hard to catch,
Protestor with bad teeth I’m back with the plaque,
Ransom’s been paid so I’ma bring the kid back//

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