Day 322 (Free Rhyme: Life)


Mode: Musiquement





Verse 1:

Life’s challenges are unexpected like Acne anvils
Felt neglected, went bananas like fruit diets for Mandrills
Life ties you down and keeps a man still
like an anthill, burden burries your problems in a landfill
Life changes and bottles open like cash tills
the camera’s still rolling but the series’ been cancelled
Workaholic but i’m making crumbs like Hansel
and Gretel/
foot on the pedal but they’re raising the gas bill
cant escape my fear’s testimony but i can relate
its like the struggle’s fate is eating at my dinner plate
I grab for something heavy but my category is welterweight
tell a story icy on the surface but i figure skate
figure steak taste be nice but i’m worn to the bone
struggle makes you harder like thorn to the stone
money becomes sketchy so you’re drawn to a loan
working double shifts so you long for a clone
I been through the water, hell I’m been through the fire,
through the wire like Bernard Bricksdale’s empire
desire burns away like the flames on Rich’ Pryor
though prior to the state of barely being a survivor
I put ends together like Mcgyver
I walk this 8 mile with no slim and no Phifer
This green mile almost senile like Eyptian
senior citizen my life is your fiction//


Verse 2:

Life’s a stead it seems I lost my grip on the reins
sometimes i feel leather strapped to the tip of the pain
Pulling me back unstradled by my battles
like a baby shaker and a neveda snake i’m rather rattled
frazzled as time moves forward and my life moves sideways
like a crab washed up looking for sunrays
I find myself looking for god on sundays
under-productive at work and still expecting some raise
some days i wonder if the world would skip a beat
if I threw in the towel, called it quits, admit defeat
memories flash before me like USB
take the leap like Kurt Cobain, would I be free?
It’s not part of my make-up like Indie A-rie
Life’s punchlines even shook up Ali
But when its crunch time i pull up like Bungie-
I guess the lord will not leave me hungry//

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