Day 5 (Paper Chasin’)

Like most of you, I’ve also hit the ground running in this new year. The blind optimism and feeling of newness of yesteryears has been replaced with a sober realisation that a new year is not a new lease on life and resolutions can be as empty as the white spaces they were written on if they’re not backed up with a solid plan of action and concrete steps forward.

This year for me is all about more and more paper. I get my first year’s practicing certificate from LSK anytime now, then there’s that masters graduation, meanwhile there’s the job ladder to climb and looking out for more legal side-hustles.

The paper chase has begun.


One thought on “Day 5 (Paper Chasin’)

  1. ” looking out for more legal side-hustles.” …why I’m getting warning bells when I read that! Biacara ya magendo wachana nayo mundu ama utawekerewo bonoko! 🙂

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