Day 355 (Free Rhyme: In the Moment)




This is for everyone who thought I’d never make it.
I made it like the Chinese, go on and take it.
Skinhead at the barber’s, you can’t fade it.
When they fallin’, they leave, that’s when I rake it.
Skinny genes, Nairobi-born with the hunger,
You did a shitty job in a pot with a plunger,
so my words that crack bent over like a plumber,
but still a taser-gun, number one stunner,
I stick it to you like a drummer, bummer,
Sprung on Hip Hop like the season before Summer.
Cooler than the other side of the pillow,
Master the track when I whip it like Willow
I’m on top of the hill, armadillo
Marley missionary on a continental pillow
Top of the castle like Rapunzel at the window
Back in the 90s when I rob Van Winkel
I make ’em smile at the expression, dimples
Face lines for the wise, wrinkles.//


Caught in the moment, I’m slapping her raw skin
A slave to the moment, I guess I was forced in
Pushed back inhibitions like foreskin
I’m all in, hands up at an auction
Competition down under like Auckland
Attractive with the art like I’m spittin endorphins
In the flow of the sharks, you’re a dolphin
Me and the beat go together, Olsen
joint at the hip…hop whilst I’m recordin’
answer my call like a plane that’s boardin’
I think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover
Had you swimming with the fish, barracuda
Even in a chicken coop, the flow prettier than a Mini Cooper
Connect the dots for emcees, sharp-shooter
Drop gems like a clumsy corner-shop jeweller
Drop the hot shit, grab a pooper scooper
Super duper, disturbing the peace, Luda.
the true measure of a king, I calibrate your ruler
On top of this metropolis, Lex Luther
About to blow in the biggest way, touba
Nothing below the belt I keep it clean, true sir.//

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