Day 262: Mood Music Monday

In twitter land, today is #MusicMonday although most tweeps tweet about the music they’re listening to throughout the week. I’ve had these three songs on repeat all day and I just thought I’d share them:

Drake – “Club Paradise”

A rare moment of dopeness from Aubrey. For me, this one efinitely ranks up way up there with the likes of The Resistance, Light Up and 90% of the “So Far Gone” mixtape.

Notable quote: “How did a pile of kush become a mountain of truth?/ how did a bottle of wine become the fountain of youth?”

Phonte – “The Good Fight”

It really feels like Mr. Coleman was talking to me through this track. I’m still fighting the good fight, glad to hear I’m not only one.

Notable quote: “If you thinkin’ bout quitting you should probably wait/Cause everybody gotta do a f*ckin’ job that they hate…”

Tehn Diamond – “Grown up kid”

My boy Tendai is back in Zim and is making music. It’s a feel-good track that shows off Tehn’s potential to make it big without having to wear a suit and a tie (unlike some of us). Looking forward to hearing more music from him.

Notable quote: “I only go where I’m needed and by “needed” I mean go where the green is..”


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