The Return of Raphael (Tuju)

Last month an artist called David Rapoza did the above fan art of Raphael, the orange bandana ninja turtle who wields the two ‘sahas’ (the mini Neptune Triton-looking knives). I think it’s pretty sick, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyways, over at my other blog iCon did a piece on another Raphael. This particular Raphael has been making major waves in Kenya with his Youtube presidential clip in local slang, “Sheng”.

In the crux of his post “#Rapho4Prezzo: “Redefining Raphael Tuju’s Candidacy”, he says:

“If you want to run a shoddy campaign hinged on gimmicks, this is the way to go. It may not win votes, but you will forever be the source of joy and laughter. And Kenya needs that.”

This post is an understandable reaction voiced by a young generation that doesn’t know who or what Raphael Tuju is. The scope of the attacks on Tuju has been on his attempt to reach out to youth voters, but no one has stood up to question the merits and demerits of Tuju’s candidacy. I mean after we’re done crucifying him for his poor sheng, wouldnt we want to know who he is and what he stands for? Has anyone googled him? Checked out his CV? Seen his past experience and track-record?

I think Tuju’s sheng video has definitely captured the public’s attention so the onus is on him to formally announce the details of his campaign including which political party he’ll be running under and what his campaign agenda is.