Cloudvillian’s Five.

#My5Links. Remember it? It was all the rage last month. Like most trends in .ke, it’s probably faded to nothingness. Maybe it hasn’t but before it does, let me share my five links and tag other fellow bloggers in the struggle to share their links.

Here goes:

1. My Most Popular Post: An untitled post written in Feb 2009, it was a small piece on the World Cup tournament set to take place in South Africa the following year, 2010. I was a bit pessimistic about whether SA would be able to be ready and prepared to hold such a huge event especially since it was the first time ever for any country in Africa. We all know how that ended. Thank you for making us proud, South Africa! Oh, and Mandela lived to see it! Double woop!

2. The Post that Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved:
“A United East African Community?” What can I say, I really wanted one of those shiny new baby blue “East Africa Community” passports that were being proposed by the EAC. Fastforward to present day, the East African Dream is slowly becoming a reality. Slowly.

Notable mention: “Keep Walking..” on decentralisation and decongestion of Nairobi. I was suggesting that Kenya follows the example of other countries like South Africa and Nigeria.

3. The Post Whose Success Surprised Me: “Shoot The Messenger” where I basically unleashed a whole barrel of haterade on Kenyan men in Nairobi. I’m thinking of doing a 2k11 list very very soon!

4. My Most Controversial Post: “Primitiveness” Yes fellow Kenyans, I called our flag (you know, the one with the shield and the two spears) primitive!

5. The Post I Am Most Proud Of: “Scared Sh*tless” where I confessed my deepest darkest fears to the world.

Notable mention: My J Dilla tribute post “The Greatest Triple Threat of All Time” I’m naming my first son Dilla… yes, the future mother of my progeny already knows.


Big thanks to the two Ns that tagged me: nittzsah and ndinda_. In return I shall tag the following to share their links (in no particular order):

Crystal balls, “threeceebee”

d®, “Performance First”

Tricia, “Pages of My Journal”

Willpress, “Open Mic”

Ms. Slightly Off-White, Slightly Off White.


My work here is done. Over to you.

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