Day 175 (Marvin’s Room)

As the stress starts to pile, I rely on music more and more to help me escape and just clear my thoughts or inception better ones. My guilty pleasure track for this week has been this “Marvin’s Room” jawn.

It’s so damn mushy yet I find myself bumping it even when I’m not in a mushy mood. Ofcourse its very relatable to my life right now but I wish that Drake had come up with a different title. Marvin’s Room? What the hell is that? That light-skinned guy in Finland who wants to push the borders of your friendship by making not-so-subtle advances and saying things like “touch me, please, touch me”?

I wish my mind had a delete button, you know, for random information like that..

Anyways, last week of June. And what a month its been!

See you in July.

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