Day 44…

Mood: Alive

Mode: Clarte


This blog must endure.

I am told that I have multiple personalities disorder or something. That I can be three different people in one sitting and I found that all hard to believe until I started hearing more and more people telling me that. In addition, I was going through the archives of this blog and I noticed how at different times in my life, I’ve reasoned and written differently.. not to mention my recent hiphop freestyle phase (God knows where that came from!)

All in all, I’m complex. And I still have issues. I’m dealing with them. One at a time. You may think that I’m moving at the pace of a herd of tortoises stampeding through peanut butter but you’ll just have to bear with me.

I’ll continue to write how and when I want to write but I think its time I went back to being me, being understandable as opposed to being cryptic and detached. I want you to read my posts and see me behind my words and to draw you in with my thoughts like I once did.

The blog remains T&S but its time for the real Mr. T to stand up.

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