Day 39…

Mood: Pensive

Mode: Brusque


The T&S duo is no more. No more ‘S’ just ‘T’.

I guess you all saw it coming. I didnt. Well maybe I did but I was in denial.

So I’m left wondering what to do with this blog. Should I delete and walk away too?

My ego would never let me admit that I leaned on her more heavily than I should’ve.

She was the reason I wrote. I wrote for her. I was so desperate for her to always know what I’m thinking and feeling at any one time that I kept coming here, writing things.

Funny how things end up.

Now my pride wont let me wish her well and respect that she has made a choice to leave and never look back.

Instead all I feel is anger, and more hurt than Clive Owen in that scene in the movie “Closer”.

I’ll be back when I’m a bit calmer.

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