Day 32 (Free Rhyme: Power)


Mode: Lyriquement



Strong arm of the Congo, fist of Zimbabwe
Mobutu Seseseko, Robert Mugabe
Omar Al-Bashir, Egypt’s Mubarak Hosni
Fidel Castro didnt last your cigar country
They all love the taste of power and some would kill
I’m powerful like Kim Jong Ill
I’m Ill
I hold on to mics in the same blood its spilled
the people needed a leader and now the post is filled
Private bag or private box, the post is filled
Registered mail, drop the wax, the post is sealed
My rule is calibrated, celebrated, autocratic
also the people’s choice, the voice is automatic
call me the new Caesar, address you like a salad
Loving the rap throne like Honda do a ballad
I spit the hottest acid, the best I’m like a canon
challenging me is like flinching whilst the dog is rabid
second my every motion like echo ad-lib
They forced my hand, now they’re in the gallows looking padded
You cant withstand my power
Power, you fat bastard
I’m the engineer, y’all had been mastered
I’m the power with Mic like Myers
This is a goodyear, opposition tires
I chuck the Demas and his Pliers
then I’m starting fires
They put the power in the eNVy, the residue in wires
I’m the hoffmeyr, pharmaceutical flyers
I word it back like a rental from a car hire
we should call you princess, your future is dire
I’m the global credit crunch, you’re a car buyer

I move in regiments, Shaka Zulu
Gang is like Chaka Khan, shock you till you doodoo
I’m pissed off like a susu, my train of thought choochoo
Get a ticket or get pounded like cassava fufu
No bail, no peace, no Desmond Tutu
They call me timeless clock like a frikin broken cuckoo
I got your power, call me Esco
then I take it back like the chair that you rest on
I’m Mr. Braille paper the one that you impress on
Power to the people, the presses say I’m Spiegel
Right direct and I’m taking the lead like Steven Seagal
The challenges are minor, like they’re barely legal
they’re making peanuts like Charlie Brown and the freaking Beagle
Feel my power like collapsing in the southern steeple
They want my power, Mini-me’s and Doctor Evils
We watching tivos, stop and rewind
y’all can see, powerfully inclined
I’m a power tool, mustang design
Epitome of power, powerfully defined……

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