Day 18 (Free Rhyme: Cloudvilliany)


Mode: Lyriquement




She was like something I’d never seen
something that inspired me to dream
something like a fire with a gleam
her eyes were like a beam
struck me down with a smile
drives me wild when she speaks
She put herself out there and I ended up going in
And we ended up pretending that we’re friends
till the window opened up
And I didnt hope to touch
I only wanted to crush her perceptions of her “One”
If its love, go ahead and get the dress and the ring
But if not, no stress, you can rest in my dreams
Only blessings and things
Didnt want to do the stalemate
We tried taking it slow,
but drifted apart at a snail’s pace.

I loved you even before we met
Heaven-sent, better yet a treasure chest
I hadnt opened but I was hoping you considered this
Last thing on my mind was to try get a kiss
I’d rather get in your mind,
Looks fade like the movie credits
I wrote you letters, I was so pathetic
if your desires moved you my way, I hoped you let it
So we could live it up till we’re old and decrepit
there’s nothing better
Didnt wanna start trouble but she made my heart flutter
When I see her, I still start to stutter
Lord why am I so gone?
Been through this so many times
yet I write these words
not even really sure why I feel this strong
Wait, let me stop. before the lever pops
more than martinees and dinner dates
I need a lady to feed me, can you fill my plate?
I got the vision so I need you fulfill my fate
and all that fighting and arguing will only seal our fate
Baby, my heart isnt shaped, it’s still raw
It’s still beats like before and it’s still yours.
Real talk, I am dying to live for you
M and C, give anything for you
Say the word, lay still for you
Thought I was over this phase till
I saw a wall covered with spray paint that said “WAIT!”

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