Day 3 (Free Rhyme: I Wanna Know)


Mode: Lyriquement




I admit I dont like starting over, but I’ll give it a shot
Playing off our vibe, I wanna see if you’re with it or not
Maybe? Maybe we can fall in love?
call it a bust or fall into lust?
I got a crush
and the chance of to act on it and explore it.
Used to be shy, but I made a promise not to ignore it
if somebody like you came.
I know you’re tired of dudes running the same old game
I’ll introduce you to some things.
Wait, wait. Lemme start slow and get to know you:
Maybe you like to eat, maybe you like to creep
My bad, thats just my flesh speaking
Stress creeping, slipping in my mind it gets to me sometimes.
Lady, talk to me, let me glance into your mind.
I know you’re fine but if I scratch the surface, what will I find?
Have I hit the jackpot or discovered a crackspot?
Whatever its going to do, I’d rather it be with you.
You know?

Pretty brown with your eyes so
focussed on my spirit, I can feel you with my eyes closed.
Its only been a minute, trying to figure out where the times goes
mind’s gone, keep guessing where this vibe’s going..
I’ve been watching for a minute,
not a stalker but I’m peeping,
learnt alot without speaking
to you.
The way you carry yourself when no one’s looking.
Do you have luggage or baggage?
I’m forever studying your actions.
Did your last one do you dirty and he left you so upset?
or did you dust it off and let him roll off your chest?
Lady, I’m so impressed,
Better yet I’m so intrigued
Nice shape, but I couldnt care less how fit in those jeans.
I wonder you if I can crown you,
could you lead as a queen?
or do you roll with Jezebel, overthrowing kings?
Would you support my dreams and trust me with your own?
Do you have any friends? do they respect your space?
or everytime we beef, they’ll be persuading you to skate?
Are you so independent where you feel like you dont need a man?
Are you content with where you are, not trying to expand?
Do you watch your words when you speak?
Do you listen to the music of life’s words or just the beat?
Would you rather sing along
or experience this life from a different perspective
and still feel special?

These are questions that I ask
not because im picky
I just dont want to repeat the past
all these scars on my heart are from lashes that I took
trying to make my forever her’s, now I’m better for it
If it’s cool then lets move forward
I see a shining in the distance, lets move towards it
If you become my diary, will you take what’s inside me and mock me with it
or lock it despite the difference?
There’s a lot of women walking around aimless
wanting to be cinderellas and upset they cant obtain it
Are you willing to open up because the past creates dangers
Would you push me to the side as soon as fate hits?
Are you familiar with a gym? Do you stay fit?
So, how intimate are you with Christ?
Everyday or just on Sundays after Saturday night lights?
Do you have man issues? Was your daddy home? Did he beat your mother?
Is it that? Do you think I’ll be another?
Do you see me as the man or just another fan?
Would you feel me if I cry or would you drown it out?
Would you take me as I am or would you try to change me?
We can grow but my roots are old so you cant shape me
into what you expect
So I can just give you my best and if that’s not good enough, well…


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