Day 362 (Free Rhyme: Dealing With It)


Mode: Lyriquement




Yeah, I hate to stay away
waiting from day to day
Praying the ways would change
and intruders invading my space
I pace back and forth in place
Dealing with self-hate
Wishing I could escape
to a time when it was just me and her
No road blocks, lights low under covers with the doors locked
I was her no. 1 fan, had me star-struck
Swam across the moat to the castle but her walls up
she said we could never be an item
But every dude she date she wants me to be like me
or like me
But baby understand what you see is what you get
If you cant take me as I am
we’d be,
better off
better not
they stare when we’re together
let them talk, let them watch
coz they see what we feel
but we’re no longer there
we’re no longer a pair
so I’m shouldering what love gave me
and trying to deal with it.

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