Day 358 (Free Rhyme: Monster)


Mode: Lyriquement




Monster, Monster
I’m a frickin monster
Try me in the Hague, Charles Taylor is an impostor
Cut these heads off, I’m a chopper helicopter
Put the hammer to the beat and crack it like a lobster
Catch it and hack it with a ratchet like frickin contra
Indications are indicating that I’m a mobster
My monster trash up your monster and win a frickin Oscar
You need a bodyguard, better yet Kevin Costner
A monster, Mr. Hyde, Jekyll is the sponsor
Turn into a beast spilling streets costra nostra
Stalker, chasing Johnnie Walker with a vodka
then sit up in the front like a frickin street hawker//

Head-throbbin i’m ghoul and goblin
gobbling emcees who be stanking leg wobblin
teeth up in the flesh, its a mess and i’m frolickin
Biggest kidder yet on the planet and no chloroquin?
the dark force take course while he’s sippin on a heineken
they’re panickin he’s pulling their strings like frickin mannequins
Lightbulb moment brighter than halogen
the world is my cloverfield and I’m ravagin’//

Monster, monstrosity, maximum ferocity
possibly linked to the worst of the world’s atrocity
anomaly, crash the planet like the world economy
Fangs in her neck and i’m drinkin that blood sloppily//
Yeah, this is a Cannibal lecture
Idi Amin meets Hannibal Lecter
Executioner, the lethal injecter
Killer for specimens, Kavorkian doctor
Eating souls like a dog in a Foot Locker
Toe-tagger, there’s No Limit, the Silk Shocker//
Monster like a frickin energy drink
Killer juice, killer food with a pattern of ink
stabbed with my vocab, wash it off in the sink
awful to think he did them suckers in on the brink
Ice cold like the bodies on skates in a rink
Keep your eyes open coz I’ll make a move when you blink
Other voices dont make it easy to think//
They put a nuclear mind of Einstein on Frankenstein
Ticked off like bombers out in the Palestine
Combine the onslaught of the students in Colombine
Rhyme boom bristle, see them fists from my punchlines?
I’m a star so your sun’s getting outshined
bar for bar like the sketch niggas outline//

Monster, I’m a frickin monster
try me I’m the biblical plague, AIDS is an impostor//

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