Day 355 (Free Rhyme: Ultra)


Mode: Lyriquement




Super duper with cream like Latrell
Smurf niggas feeling blue and I’m gargamelle
Heavy rotation on your station like a carousel
playboy in your bunny like a duracell
you’re a bus-boy your middle name is Caravelle
my name is stuck in your teeth like toffee caramel
Stand in my shine like a solar powered cell
Shake the planet the reason the Babel Tower fell.
Pour on the shower gel
so funky we need to wash out the sour smell
I break the yoke and I break the shell
Double XL I’m Maxwell and I’m ringin bells//
I bring that awesomeness that you just cant alter
manifest high performance shell ultra
embedded in my culture like the net I keep it ultra
I’m so sick of a hit I flock a hungry vulture
Spit profanities i’m so vulgar
if I swallowed these words I’d get a friking ulcer
Yeah I’m so ultra
you’re not with the movement, you’re a frickin sculpture
pusha-man i’m the porter,
i oughta go out to where the sick verbal slaughter
the music sells itself like a drink of bottled water
Sells itself better on the pave than your cheap slutty daughter//

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