Day 281 (Bar Exam Season)

Mood: Calm

Mode: Vive les examens


As D-day draws closer and the rumours about ‘leakage’ spread like bushfire from all quarters, the school was yet to release the final exam timetable. Until today, that is.
So it was with utter shock and amazement that I saw this tucked away in today’s paper while riding shotgun in my kawaida Karen-bound school bus mathree:

My only gwan in all this is why our “headmaster” had to go ahead and publish the exam timetable in the newspapers before informing us about it or atleast putting it up on the school notice board first!!!

Excuse my french but.. uhm.. WTF?!

Random rant.

Back to the books… 3 more weeks to go.


Now playing: Big Boi ft. Janelle Monáe – “Be Still”

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