Day 275 (Study Groups)

Mood: Tired

Mode: Si jamais..

Thoughts: Randomness…

I think we lawyers-in-the-making take study groups a bit too seriously. We see nothing wrong with literally bending over backwards to get into them (offering our precious case notes, outlines, research materials). Once you’re in, the demands placed upon individual members and commitment required is so over-exaggeratedly (<–made-up word) great that you somehow find yourself spending more time preparing for study group meetings than you do for lectures and clinicals.

I agree that study groups can be helpful (especially for taking practice exams and comparing notes), but they can also be REALLY stressful if you’re not as prepared as the other group members by the time you start meeting. Personally, I tend to be an effective last-minute crammer, but once I realize that other people are more prepared than I am 3 weeks before the exam, I tend to second-guess my cramming plan and get really nervous. Thus, I avoid study groups at all costs until I’m ready to compare notes….

Random rant.

Back to the books… 4 more weeks to the bar.


Now Playing: Dwele ft Slum Village – “How I Deal”

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