Day 201 (‘Kinetic Mistakes’)

Mood: Chilled out

Mode: Entrainement


Public Service Announcement: It is NEVER okay to refrain from any form of exercise for several months and sporadically decide to hit the gym and then play ball directly afterwards. It is not okay. Dont do it.

|d®| and Xcel, I hope y’all are listening!

That is all. For now, atleast.

Regular blogging will resume henceforth.

**NV hobbles off to bed – sore joints and all – knowing full well that he’s a heavy sleeper and a single muscle cramp in the wrong place could potentially kill him.**


Now Playing: Common – “Nag Champa”

4 thoughts on “Day 201 (‘Kinetic Mistakes’)

  1. CB, mind you I walk all over the CBD daily, walk to main campus daily, walk to State House and Yaya daily but clearly walking alone is not enough. I’m still recovering from that ka one exercise session jana. Soreness in all manner of places.. but I have to say I’m looking forward to getting back into shape, good shape.

  2. *shudder* Don’t even remind me of the one time I jogged 5 miles right after a 6-month stint with zero exercise. Pure agony. Was walking around like I’d crapped my pants for a week!

    Hang in there tho, dawg, keep at it. Physical fitness is everything. Listen to Kanyeazy’s Power too while you’re at it!

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