Day 181 (Life As I Know It)

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Why lie, if I was given a dollar for everytime I heard the following phrases from the following people, I’d quit my law career and retire early with my millions to Ouagadougou or someplace..

1) Ask your good brother
He’s the last born.
Getting any info out of him is hard enough let alone household related stuff.

2) “It’s about her, isnt it…What the hell did you do this time?”my good pal
Maybe it’s because I only seem to use the “Dude, we need to talk” line around the time I’m having relationship gwans.

3) “I hate to bring all of this up right before/in the middle of your exams”Her and the one before her and the one before her..etc.
I started getting this line in I.B.
It’s been the same ever since.

4) “NV, tumepita usi jali!”My good classmate/female friend.
The cool thing is that after all these years and us having moved to different law schools on different continents, she still sends me emails telling me about her exams and repeats the same line just like the old days down South.

5) “Have you made tea?”my good mother
In the morning, when she passes me in the hallway half-asleep.
In the afternoon, she’ll sms it if she left home without having breakfast that morning.
In the evening, when she comes home and happens to find me in the kitchen making dinner.

PS: Last day of the month! So long, June (atlast!). Helllooo July!


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4 thoughts on “Day 181 (Life As I Know It)

  1. I like the comic strip 🙂

    Re: Number 3, it’s Nell’s principal of convenient distraction. [Nell is the blonde ice-queen goddess from Ally McBeal (Portia de Rossi aka Mrs Ellen Degeneres)]

    Nell’s principle is that the best time to give someone bad news is when they’re distracted by something worse. Hence she dumps John while his bottom half is sticking out an elevator, literally, in dangling suspension.

    Can’t be helped 😉

  2. I confess, I only watched Ally McBeal coz of the women (de Rossi, Liu and Hall)… hehehee.. anywhoo, it’s funny you should mention Nell’s break-up.. I youtubed it to refresh my memory.. Goood stuff! 🙂

  3. Lol about the tea – I feel you. When I was younger I was Mother’s gofer; I’d do everything for her.

    Like, I could’ve been in my room or something with her on the couch watching TV when she’d bellow for me. I’d go over and she’d say, pointing at the shelf:

    “Could you hand me that book over there?”

  4. By I.B. do u mean International Baccalaureate. Because I wasn’t aware that they have those in Kenya. I am a Kenyan who lives in the U.S. and I am in an I.B. program in the U.S. so was wondering how it works there in Kenya.coz here we do a bunch of unnecessary work that MIGHT help us in college.

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