Day 180 (Procrasti-nation)

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As an integral part of being adults, we become slackers. Yes, slackers. Gone are the days when we longed to be grown-ups just so we could stay up as late as we wanted, go and come as we pleased, make our own decisions, earn our own money and do whatever we wanted to do. And now, when we finally have all that freedom, we realise just how over-rated it all is. Meanwhile, back in the real-world, there are jobs to be found, salaries to be earned, errands to be run, appointments to be kept, a social life and love life to be managed all day, every day. So we slack. We put certain things off until the last possible hour, we postpone as many things as we can, while we consciously and purposefully allow ourselves to be distracted by anything and anyone that can take us away from the reality we know awaits us.
Case in point, I should be studying right now. I’ve got oral exams tomorrow and my bar exams are less than 5 months away and yet, I’m here typing this, checking the blogroll, stalking her on twitter and fb and tumbleweed.. while thinking about hitting the locals for a quick game or 6 of pool, catching the Spain-Portugal game, fine-tuning the car stereo system.. the list is endless.
I need to get a life, yeah probably. But more importantly, I need to take this whole grown-ass man thing a bit more seriously and say “No” to procrastination!

And now, a little poem on the topic du jour:


I watch the time slip through my fingers
Gather around as i pull this habit out my hat
I can make hope disapear
and create despair out of thin air
Watch me turn my future into dust
Stand in awe as I Self-destruct.

~ Unknown.


Now playing: Dilated People ft. Kanye West – “This Way”

2 thoughts on “Day 180 (Procrasti-nation)

  1. Hurray for distractions! Cartoons are my favourite. Especially early mornings, in my pyjamas, with black tea, when I should be writing … 😀

  2. then I guess being mature and responsible gives us the right to procrastinate freely, right? Coz I’m almost sure you wouldnt allow princess to just chill in her PJs and watch telly! 🙂

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