Day 166 (Birthday Girl)

Mood: Relaxed

Mode: En vie


Her happy feet

A Walk Through Life

Some of us walk alone,

Many walk with the one we love.

Some walk with a stomp,

and others make soft footprints in the sand.

Some shout their life at the top of their lungs,

wile others whisper proudly, softly, in the world’s ear

“I am here! This is my voice.”

Lions roar in their lives

but sometimes,

just sometimes,

a mouse can roar even louder!

A walk through life

That is all we have

We don’t have time to stop

We must pass on by

Some like to run

Some like to crawl

But you must enjoy it

At whatever pace you go

For it is this only one you’ll ever have.

Happy birthday Kipepeo.


Now playing: Floetry ft. Common – “SupaStar”

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