Day 164 (Ghana Leading By Example)

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For me Ghana has always been the African country to watch, not just in the realm of sports but in all spheres of activity ranging for political, cultural, scientific and social. It has always been the older and wiser nation leading the way for the rest of the continent to follow. Historically as you know, Ghana was the first country to gain it’s independence in 1957 and the Gold Coast, as it was once known by the colonialists, never looked back.
What I admire most about this West African nation is how they bounced back from 19 years of rule under Jerry Rawlings and held two peaceful democratic transitions that saw Kuffour take over the reigns of power from Rawlings and later pave the way for Mills who succeeded him after two failed attempts at the polls. Stability and progress are words that can be best used to describe Ghana’s ascendancy into the exclusive league of Africa’s emerging democracies alongside countries like Botswana.

Admittedly, the tragedy of Africa has always been that although we possess limitless potential and resources, we have failed to exploit what we have to ensure the development and progress of our continent. However the proud descendants of Kwame Nkrumah continue to exploit both their might and their brains, bringing nothing but pride and joy to their fellow Ghanaians. Public figures like Dr. Koffi Annan, Dr Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu, Justice Akua Kuenyehia immediately come to mind.
That being said, I am sure that many would add Ghana’s National Soccer team, the Black Stars, to that list of illustrious individuals who are making their motherland proud. From the outset, critics claimed that Ghana’s squad was the most inexperienced ever to compete at such a major event in the country’s history.
However, what these critics failed to realise that a lot of the players on the Ghana World Cup squad were part of the winning team at the U20 World Cup late last year.

Long story short, Africa finally has registered her first win at the FIFA World Cup courtesy of the Black Stars of Ghana and I am proud to be an African. Let’s go Ghana! Let’s go Africa!


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3 thoughts on “Day 164 (Ghana Leading By Example)

  1. Ghana: 1st African country to gain independance, best performing country at Germany 06, 1st African country to qualify for the 1st African World Cup AND the 1st African Country to win a game at the 1st African World Cup… now i challenge my boys and people to further and noticeable milestones… 🙂 GHANA TIL THE END!!

  2. Ghana is looking more and more like Africa’s only hope for a decent showing at the World Cup. Cameroon have already been sent packing. Algeria is showing its still has some fight left in it but the odds arent looking good. Nigeria appears to be perennial under-achievers, oozing with talent but playing in a disjointed and individualistic manner. As for Cote D’Ivoire, I guess we shall have to wait and see whether they will be able to redeem themselves after their disappointing performance against Brazil (their solitary second half goal notwithstanding).

    Your predictions for African teams?

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