Day 160 (Baby Boy)

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I’ve got a little story to share.

Once upon a time in the early 1970s when a young naïve light-skinned country girl scored top marks in her GCE and gained admission into the prestigious University of Nairobi. She pursued a Bachelor of Political Science and graduated top of her class with honours and was closely followed by a young man from a humble background with whom they spent many a night burning the midnight oil in the library buried in books. They would take study-breaks where coffee was had and they would share their dreams of one day graduating and travelling abroad to further their studies. In the mid 1970s, they both graduated and soon thereafter separated. He got accepted into LSE in the UK and our fair lady went off to study in Canada. Although they never kept in touch after that, their careers progressed in an identical manner. They both obtained their M.A’s and Ph.D’s around the same time and by the beginning of the 1980s, they were both starting off their careers in academia. Their lives continued in almost a similar manner in that they both got married soon after their Ph.Ds, then both had children around the same time. Now, they’re both divorced, children are all grown up and I guess they were both sort of searching for something. As fate or rather globalization would have it, they are reunited via an email mailing list of Kenyan scholars and the rest as they say is history.

Okay, it’s not history. It’s on-going saga and in case you’re wondering the young lady in the story is none other but ma dukes. Since the first time that Jon (the young lad in the story) called her up from the States and spent hours on end on the phone exchanging life-stories, catching up on old times in between laughs, exclamations and rushing to charge cellphones, I’d say she’s become a fairly brighter and happier person. So, in case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been blogging much these days, it’s because of this endless back and forth long-distance thing ma dukes and Jon have going on. She’s constantly typing away on this very keyboard, sending him pictures, making calls on skype, putting together elaborate emails to send to him. [sidenote: I used to know Ma duke’s email password off-head because I was often called upon to draft and send emails on her behalf but with Jon in the picture, passwords have been changed and internet time is a must. I aint complainin’… yet.] So anyways, I went ahead and did my own background checks on this Jon fellow, while trying not to invade ma duke’s privacy too much. Sadly, I haven’t found any dirty on him yet. He teaches at Harvard, he’s got 3 kids (26, 23, 19), divorced, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, vegetarian, he lives in a condor near campus, he enjoys jogging and sports, he thinks .ke politicians are full of it and he signs off all his emails with “Take good care dear”.
There has to be something wrong with this man. I’ll keep digging around. In the meantime Jon is trying to organize for ma dukes to fly over there under the guise of a “visiting professor gig” there which we all know is code for I spend time with you up-close type thing, right?!

Fortunately or unfortunately he was terribly scarred by the Moi regime and decided never to return to his native home. It’s fair to say that he’s pretty much an American. Although I know if he ever came to Kenya, he’d probably end up staying in the guest room and his entire stay would have me feeling like Jody in that Baby Boy flick. Remember that?

Despite my warranted reservations about Jon, I must admit that I have never seen ma dukes in this light before. Yes, I’ve always wanted something like this for her, and I’ve never stopped encouraging her not to give up on relationships and meeting people. I used to tell her that the best things will happen when she least expects it. Could this be her second chance at finding a companion?

To be continued…


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