Day 60 (The Search..)

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I’m a strong believer in the idea that spirituality should be based on a personal relationship between an individual and his/her divine creator. Nonetheless I do think that religion plays an important role in anchoring our daily lives and experiences on this intangible notion of a higher being. Previously, I stated that I have reached a point in my spiritual life where I feel like I’m searching for something more. I am searching for the truth that lies behind my questions about the purpose of life, the meaning of death and the existence of life after death.
For anyone who wasn’t born and raised as an atheist, these fundamental questions are answered by the religion of our upbringing be it Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism. Admittedly without these religions or manifestations of faith, as they are often referred to, our spiritual growth from infancy to adulthood would not have been possible. That being said, I believe that our religious faith can only take us so far until we are able to reflect on our own on the mysteries of life from both a rational and emotional point of view in order to see where our religious beliefs come in. I think this is the point at which most would-be religious converts arrive at before deciding that the religion of their birth does not have the answers to the questions they seek. Therefore, they begin to distance themselves from that religion so as to gain more objectivity and open-mindedness to other religions, faiths aka other versions of the truth they seek. This process of search stems from the realisation that every religion holds a certain truth about life, spirituality and divinity. Again, this shouldn’t surprise us since all religions claim to originate from one god whose word is handed down to us through messengers, prophets, or others that have been chosen for that purpose right?

On a personal level, I always ask myself what would religion would I chose to raise my children in? More importantly, what religion should I chose to guide my own spiritual life here on earth and beyond? Should I continue with the religion of my birth?

2 thoughts on “Day 60 (The Search..)

  1. I don’t think it’s so much a question as an instinct. I was raised Anglican but never liked church and stopped attending the second I was given a choice [around age 8]. I attended Catholic and SDA schools and lived in a Muslim town. I’m currently on a New Age trip because it makes more sense than anything else I’ve been exposed to. But I still take my baby to regular ACK Sunday School. The way I see it, I had a solid Christian base from which to raise my existential questions, so I want her to have the same. When she’s older she’ll decide for herself which deity she chooses to follow, but for now, I’d rather she knows any rather than none…

  2. i always wonder the same thing too – while my catholicism has been fundamental setting me on my path there is a whole lot of it that i find doesn’t fit in with where i am. but i guess they have to start from somewhere and short of having my own sunday school in the living room of my future im guessing catechism it is.

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