Day 33 (Peanut Butter & Sushi)

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I’m heavy. I told you I’d get heavy. I’m approaching the 6 month mark since I returned home and I’m already round-ish. Being the grown a** man that I am, my weight has never really bothered me. My level of fitness/overall health, yes but my weight, no. In fact I couldn’t give a plump baby’s tush whether you bumped into me on Koinange Street and the first thing you said to was: “Wow NV, you’ve lost so much weight.” I wish. You’d probably say the opposite. which I’d probably interpret as you indirectly suggesting that I should quit the legal profession and become a teletubbie or something. In my defense, my weight has always fluctuated for as long as I can remember kinda like Oprah’s and the main reasons behind it other than my mountain-goat metabolism, are mostly psychological and environmental.
Psychologically speaking, I’m complex. I’m not like most people who tend to drop kilos when they’re stressed and gain weight when they’re comfy and relaxed. I can gain and lose weight for any number of reasons. For instance, whenever my family moved to a new country, my feet would immediately start to swell and soon after that I knew my weight would ballon for a bit before stabilizing. Last year, I lost a lot of weight partly because of stress. But I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I’d stop having to make extra holes in my belts. Then I come home and voila, I’m back to having love handles, the slightly protruding patriotic front and sumo-wrestler wedgies from being seated even briefly. Okay, before you start thinking I’ve turned into a tank or something, I’m only 92 kilos which isn’t that bad for a 6’2’’ guy. Or so I’d like to think.
Environmentally speaking, what more can I say other than stating the obvious: Nairobi is conducive to getting chubby. Back in Geneva, I worked during the day and studied at night but I was still able to survive on 2 meals a day. Out here, c’est impossible! Seriously, I don’t know whether its because of the weather or something else. My appetite is through the roof despite the fact that I always make sure I eat enough. In the morning, I wolf down a ¾ loaf and scrambled eggs washed down with tea and by 10, I’m hungry again, then there’s lunch at 13h00 and after every 3 hour interval thereafter, like clock-work, I’m back to looking for something to eat. It’s not just my ravenous appetite or the debilitating hunger pangs that I’ve come to notice, I also get cravings these days too, for instance I’d kill for a cold glass of Cambodian breast milk and a peanut butter & sushi sandwich three warm chapos and a plate of ndengu with stew right about now. Again, in my defense, I try and exercise out here but its not easy. Let it be known, I’ve never been a gym person. I love exercising outdoors, whether its chasing a ball around, chasing my shadow around, chasing chlorine bubbles around or whatever. But Nairobi is no where near conducive for outdoor sports of any kind. unless you’re running away from police, chasing after a mathree or using the stairs because the lifts are out of order, again. In fact, the nearest gym from where I live is… far! The nearest public field/gymnasium/swimming-pool is…faaar! I’m not complaining though, I just find it funny how everything in this town has become a commute. Another thing on the environment point is that people here are generally very complacent when it comes to issues of exercising and keeping fit. The only peer pressure you ever have to worry about in this town is all the drinking and going-out plans that are constantly coming your way. There are no people jogging around the neighbourhood to make you feel bad about not having exercised in 2 weeks, there are no ads on T.V telling you that you’re fat and that they have the perfect product to keep you in shape. There’s none of that. It all comes down to self-motivation. If one of your resolutions this New Year’s was to keep fit and eat healthy and you’re finding it hard to do that, join the club. That being said, the year is still young so there’s ample time to find a suitable exercise rhythm. It shall be done!

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2 thoughts on “Day 33 (Peanut Butter & Sushi)

  1. ahahaha @ the Cambodian milk thing…i hear you about the exercise though, it got bad for me, i was never a weight person but one year i got way up there ….luckily for me as hoop person, i get to combine that with a little weight lifting, if this gym i got to had no basketball court i think i woulda quit by now.

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