Day 2 (Be Still..)

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Thoughts: The Good, The Bad and The Strategy

2009 was the year of renewed optimism for me. I had finally come to terms with the fact that as much as I cannot run away from my past, I will not allow it to stop me from finishing what I started and seizing the opportunities that were still available to me. I did the best I could but by the end of last year, I hadn’t quite rounded things off the way I had hoped. So, I’m giving myself this year to get my career back on track, to get my life back in order and to get past this ghost that continues to haunt me. That one goal that continues to elude me.
So, ushering 2010 wasn’t a celebration for me, it was marked by a sober sense of gratitude for having been granted yet another year, another opportunity to finish what I started and to move on.

So anyways, there’s this poem I heard on CNN (of all places) that I tried to look up online but I couldnt find who wrote it so I decided to copy it down and share it:

Be still
Be still so you may hear the dreams of the people below.
Pay no attention to the impossible they whisper- for it does not belong here.
As the road rises, you find the land majestic, calm,
The space, the air, the breeze, the buzz, the thrill and the beckon beyond,
Engaging, refuge, home, inviting but never foreboding.
The beast’s heart will pound besides ours.
As night crackles electric, a million promises are held
Day rewards night with the perfect dawn
And dawn rewards in turn
And nature rewards an inquisitive mind,
In a land where the impossible is defined
and ignored.

Happy New Year, people.

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5 thoughts on “Day 2 (Be Still..)

  1. Happy new year to you too, CB. The poem’s in the Abu Dhabi ad. It was on air a lot this past month. 🙂

  2. Hahaha I searched for this on the hope I can find the video, I just love the music in the Abu Dhabi ad, which I think is a brilliant one, but no joy, it might take some time then!

  3. ‭@‬Firas Kay I’ve been looking for the video too.‭ ‬So in the end I recorded it.‭ ‬I’d wanted to post it on youtube but internet speeds here are very sloooow.
    ‭@‬grosan.flaviu‭ ‬Haha..What a coincidence‭!‬ Cool blog btw.

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