Day 310 (Gone till November…24th)

Mood: Purple

Mode: Auto-pilot

Thoughts: So I pray.

Actually I don’t pray much. Same applies to going to church. Not as much as I used to. But sometimes, we have to pray. Yes, we mostly pray when sh*t hits the fan or when we want something really really bad or those few times you’re stuck in one of those family get-togethers and THAT one member of the family, the one with the big voice, insists on saying prayers in vernacular for journey mercies and you end up spending the night, 10 hours and 5435 “jeehovahs” later. But I digress. Prayer. Yeah, that. So, I’ve started praying these days. A lot. At home mostly, not knealing down, but seated at my desk, with only my half-full coffee mug as my witness, I think about each one of them and what they could be going through this very moment. They are the reason I am moved to prayer. They’re both so far away and both at crucial points in their individual lives and since they’re all connected through me, all I can offer them, in way of support, are my prayers. It is said that God helps those who help themselves and my two Cs are far from slackers, they’re working hard to achieve their goals in the face of enormous odds and they still find time to worry about little old me: an email here, an sms there, I love these guys. So if God really helps those who help themselves, I should expect them to be just fine, innit? Yeah, but it also said that a closed mouth does not get fed and the way I interpret that, within the context of prayer, is that God wants us to make that first step in opening up our mouths and our hearts, trusting that He will hear us and reveal himself to us in one way or another. So I pray. I pray to let him know that I am thinking of them, and that I worry about them, I pray so that He may be with them, reminding them always that all they are going through will come to pass and that everything they are looking forward to will be waiting for them right here when they return home. And I know they would be praying for themselves too but they’re probably out there praying for me. So I pray.

Ok, the caffeine had me going for a minute there. So much for “higher” learning. Anyways, before yall start thinkin’ your boy done ran off and caught the holy ghost or some sh*t, I’ma be out. Deadlines and papers kibao so excuse me while I bond with my intellectual maker: coffee..mmmmh.
Inch’allah, I’ll be back to regular blogging and my cyber social networking nonsense after the 24th.


Now playing: Drake – A Scorpio’s Mind.

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