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Thoughts: Desert the ‘Deserve’-thinkers..

Those who rationalise events in life by claiming that ‘punishment’ or ‘reward’ was deserved or not, miss the whole point of life. Life is not and will never be fair. It will never apportion ‘punishment’ and ‘reward’ in a manner that will ever be just or equitable in everyone’s eyes. If you ‘rewarded’ and someone thinks you deserved it, that person fails to understand that your ‘reward’ is less than another’s and more than someone else’s. And the same applies for ‘punishment’. If you feel like you’re being ‘punished’, you must just know that your ‘punishment’ is comparatively less for someone else and more for another.
If this sounds to you like just another way of explaining the concept of relativity in real life terms then I’d have to agree with you. But I urge to hear me out. To illustrate what I’ve writing this far, let’s take the ‘reward’ as winning a Nobel Prize and ‘punishment’ as being raped.
What I’m saying is that thinking in terms of whether one deserved or not to win a Nobel Prize or to be raped, misses the whole point of life. Life just isnt fair. And to put it bluntly we do not have a say on what we think we ir anyone else deserves or not, be it ‘punishment’ or ‘reward’. If you’re one of those people that think Obama didnt ‘deserve’ to win or that I deserved to be raped then you fail to understand that life is about knowing to deal with both ‘reward’ and ‘punishment’ and more importantly moving on whether it leads to more of one, less of the other or a bit of both.

It is written in the Bible: “To those that have, more shall be given unto you” (fuzzy Sunday school memory talking). What this quote means to me is that there is no limit to how much ‘reward’ or ‘punishment’ someone can get whether you think they deserve it or not. Just like a rich person who wins the lottery, you may think they dont deserve it but that shouldnt be the sole basis on which you challenge the reason they won the lottery. The same reasoning applies to Nobel Laureate Obama. The issue of whether he deserved it or not is irrelevant because he still won and according to my above mentioned Sunday school teacher’s quote, tomorrow he could be knighted by the queen or be canonised by the pope. Based on the same reasoning: if I got raped, whether I deserved it or not is clearly not the issue. As much as it would be traumatic to live with without understanding why me and how to explain it, telling myself or everyone telling me I deserved it or didnt deserve it wont change the fact that I could be raped 10 times over for any number of reasons. Life has nothing to do with whether you deserve something or not. Thinking in such terms can almost become an obsession where you are constantly looking at people and looking at yourself focussing on whether reward or punishment was deserved or not. Life isnt about that. Yes, by all means empathise, sympathise, envy, dream, wish, hope to be in someone else’s shoes because of what your percieve to be another person’s reward but please dont waste life on what makes people deserving and who deserves or doesnt deserve what. Life is a personal journey of rewards and punishments, knowing that there are those who will be punished or rewarded more or less than yourself at any given time. Live with it because it will never change, whether you think your continued existence is a reward or a punishment. Wasting time pondering over whether or not someone deserves a reward or a punishment doesnt change the fact that we are all guaranteed our share of both in this world.

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