Day 265 (A Nation of Complainers)

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Don’t get me wrong, there is a constant and understated need for people to voice their views, opinions, critiques and suggestions especially where the running of the country is involved. But what I have found quite remarkable is that there has been a shift from the days when it was just Civil Society doing all the complaining and protesting. Now, every Tom, Dick and Waweru is getting in on the action and this has led to an overwhelming demand among the people for information. More information, about everything.

So today, I observe with utter amazement, the dominant role being played by the media as a source of information on everything going on in the country, singlehandedly feeding the complaining wanainchi with more ammo for even more critical debate, reflection and action on important issues affecting us. Civil society can literally afford to take a back seat and let the people judge for themselves by following the media covering which more and more is exposing exactly what they’ve talking about for years.

I love it.

Watching FULL parliamentary proceedings live a la C-Span (woe on you, Mheshimiwa if you’re caught dozing during debates!), tuning in to updates, special reports and breaking stories presented and told in a way like never before, not to mention the brilliantly written pieces in the print media week after week. All need now is the likes of Muraya Kariuki and others who are responsible for “Bullseye” and “Newshot”, to come up with their own shows in the vein of “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” type thing. From an economic point of view, I guess this is all a natural by-product of having competition in any market, the quality of the goods or services offered by each competitor tends to improve. And on that note, might I digress and hope that this competitive atmosphere spreads in Michael Joseph’s direction in the form of more network providers, because frankly Suffericom is making a killing out here while still offering the same crappy service I’ve always remembered!

Okay, back to what I was saying, complaining from all corners of the country. It’s a great thing!

Democracy at work, and the fact that people have realized that its not just about empty complaining but it’s also about pushing for action while keeping abreast with news and information through mass media and communication. I love it! Gone are the days when information was like gold and only a few had access to it. Nowadays, between the media, word of mouth and sms’es, information is moving faster than ever before. Politically speaking, my only hope is that we are all able to use this abundance of information to come to the right conclusions and make informed decisions that will improve their lives. Ignorance was never bliss but even now, it wouldn’t help us to have all this information yet still have the same short memory that politicians have manipulated for years.

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2 thoughts on “Day 265 (A Nation of Complainers)

  1. Yup – nothing changes if no one does anything. Like they say, if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

    “Nyendagia mbica, na ndi mu-memba.”

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