Day 251..

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Thoughts: Kenya here I come..

After having only spent 10 odd years of my entire life in Kenya, I’ve grown up knowing that home isn’t necessarily where I was born, but rather home is wherever in the world my mum and my bro are at, where we all congregate over the holidays, basically. And for a long time, we’ve had “home” in different places but now it seems we’re all slowly converging in Kenya. And I couldn’t be happier. (No more packing and unpacking and packing again..atleast for now.)

Initially, I was very hesitant about returning to Kenya having no tangible experience or expertise to show for myself. I guess there was never going to be a perfect time to come back home and face all those people I left behind, compare scars, trade war stories only to ultimately discover just how far ahead of me some of them have actually are. Yes, I’ve picked up several languages, broadened my horizons immensely and acquired the kind of exposure that very few my age have, BUT nothing beats home advantage. I could do kibarua after kibarua for all my life in Europe or the U.S and I would never see the inside of an office with my name on the door or even have enough cashflow to do anything other than live from hand to mouth. Whereas in Kenya, I don’t have to worry about artificial glass ceilings because I don’t have right papers or that I’m a foreigner or that I don’t speak the language; here fortune favours the bold so instead of an endless string of kibarua’s, one may be able to enter the formal economy either as self-employed or part of an establishment and then sky is the limit.

I am not, by any means, understating the enormous task of finding said ‘kibarua’ or subsequent ‘formal job’ but I’d rather struggle here where I can use whatever connections and contacts are at my disposal for a change as opposed to always being the outsider, the new kid, the foreigner, the kwere kwere blah blah.

That being said, I looking forward to returning home and I expect to continue my blogging ways, live and direct from Nairobi!

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