Day 221 (To Tweet or Not To Tweet)


Mood: So, so.

Mode: Chillin’ (Break from the books & thesis writing)

Thoughts:The “New Bar” Syndrome & Social Networking Sites.

Over the years I’ve noticed that when a new bar opens customers flock to it – especially ones that target the young crowd. Then over time the number of patrons drop. The bar closes and remodels. The “in crowd” shows up again, and once again, over time the number of patrons drop as they move to another remodeled bar.

I believe that social networking sites are, to a large extent, akin to bars. People log in to meet friends, chat, socialise, exchange info and news etc.. The heyday of webpages like Lycos, Yahoo, Geocities, AOL, Hi5 are now no longer visited and no amount of remodelling can change that. The truth is that unlike bars, social networking sites have a limited lifespan which cannot be changed by any amount of updating or upgrading. They just die out like we’ve seen recently with Myspace. Therefore it would not surprise me if Facebook, Badoo, Twitter, 2nd Life, etc., die a slow death in the future.

That being said, I still joined Twitter and Facebook in the same way I would check out the newest nightspot in whatever city I’m in because in today’s world, having a social life is not only about face-to-face interaction – there’s a growing cyber dimension to it as well. However I draw the line when tweets and facebook status messages become my only form of expression and communication merely because they’re an easier way of getting my opinions and views out there rather than typing out a blog post or facebook note. And that’s probably why I tend to neglect blogging.

But if you ask me, with the way these social networking sites come and go, or are constantly being updated and crash unexpectedly, we’re all better off just sticking to emails, blogs and IM.

Now Listening – J Dilla – “Won’t Do”

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