Day 202..

Mood: Chilling

Mode: Slow mode (Been gone for a while but I’m back)

Thoughts: Georgia Not On My Mind…

I spent my summer last year in the “A” visiting family and it felt like that was my best summer vacay ever.

Not anymore.

After this year’s summer escapades through parts of Europe (pics from the trip are on my Flickr), Madame and I back to her Swedish village where we’ve both been resettling and catching up with the world out there (paperwork, emails, blogs, fb.. the usual stuff). Things are calm now, no more running around in airports, crashing on sofas, playing tourist by day, partying and drinking by night, checking out the sites, taking pictures, living out of a suitcase.. etc.. etc..

The really cool thing is that we did all this together.

Let’s just say that the trip and this summer as a whole has been filled with a whole lot of first’s for us as a couple (good times and rough times too). But seeing as we’ve just celebrated one year and we’re still together, I can only hope that this whole experience will serve to help us grow closer and understand each other better.

Now listening to- Q-Tip Feat Raphael Saadiq – We Fight/We Love

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