I Know Why The Rum Is Gone..

Since landing in this little village a week ago, I have been at my lady’s side at two big events in her life: first was her thesis defence last Friday which she passed with flying colours and second was last night at her birthday party. Its late in the afternoon right now and the birthday girl is still bed… rum and coke all night and red wine prior to that, seem to have done the trick. The fake summer out here played its role in making it rainy and cold forcing to plan a dinner-party at home as opposed to painting the village red. She’s a year older and several months older than myself. For someone who’s only dated guys older than her, I often got the feeling that everytime I screwed up somehow, my age would probably be an attributing factor in her eyes. In contradistinction, I’ve only dated girls younger than myself and I never hesitated to label them as ‘childish’ at the slightest slip. That being said, I think I’ve proved myself capable of handling the pressures and responsibilities of being her man so I don’t expect her to give me that “you’re-still-just-a-boy” look or even hear a similar tone in her voice ever again. I hope. Anyways, it goes without saying that thoughout this past week, I’ve been the proudest boyfriend around, witnessing her scholarly accomplishments and celebrating her birthday are definitely the highlights of my summer so far.


In other news, my touristy side got a tiny bit of action this past week when I noticed something peculiar about this Swedish village. See below.
I know what you’re about to ask me: who are those kids in sailor hats packed that lorry? Well, those noisy, in-your-face brats wearing those ridiculous sailor hats listening to rubbish music, holding-up traffic, being objectionable to passers-by are swedish high school graduates!
Unlike most parts of the world where you have a high school prom after graduation, swedish kids go through the formal grad ceremony in the morning (where I presume they are capped in those silly sailor hats) then in the afternoon, they have this so-called procession where they are all bundled onto lorries and tractors decorated in all sorts of stuff and then they are driven around the city/town/village. Coincidentally these celebrations took place on the very same day madam was defending her Masters thesis, which was interesting because unlike high schoolers, Masters graduates in Sweden dont get a graduation ceremony of any kind, let alone a full “wedding style” procession.

And yes, those high school grads in that lorry are all drunk!


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3 thoughts on “I Know Why The Rum Is Gone..

  1. Congrats to your lady, faw shaw.

    And I see it’s still raining over there. lol!

    Glad to see high-schoolers are the same all over the world – they act a fool when they graduate. And at least they aren’t doing some of the silly sh*t we did, like burning textbooks!

  2. Cheers man. I’ll pass on da congrats to her!

    Just between you and me, the sailor hats aint half bad. But the procession thing is straight up lame tho. lol!

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