Celebrating Youth Day..


After spending so many years in South Africa, its taken me this long to realise just what Youth Day is all about. Today commemorates the start of the Soweto Riots of 1976, initially sparked by a government edict that all instruction in black schools would be held in Afrikaans during the Apartheid regime.
The bravery and courage of those schoolchildren in Soweto on June 16, 1976 is alive in all of us as the youth.
Let the example of those brave children in Soweto remind us all that we must fight to change our world just as they did. siyabonga.

Young people, we CAN change our world!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Youth Day..

  1. Deep track! Cheers man. Tumi is by far my best SA emcee, Proverb aint too bad either. He’s just not as conscience about his rap..

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