Say Hi to Mr. “No Thanks”

So, I’m back for the third time in Sweden visiting madam and I must say its not the kind of place I’d personally be able to live in. First off, the whole language barriers thing. I speak and understand 3 European languages but whenever I come here, I STILL end up feeling like I am completely unable to communicate with all the Italian, Czech, Polish, Swedish speaking people running up and down this place. I mean, why can’t everyone just stick to English!! Okay, to be fair they do speak in English, some of the time, and its usually about inconsequential nonsense like how drunk they all got last Friday and how many different types of Vodka’s and other jet fuel they consumed (willingly, might I add) and how they all got sooo wasted, passed out wherever, lost their keys and whatever else and ofcourse how they woke up the next day with hang-overs and spent the whole morning puking (yes, puking is discussed and laughed about indiscriminately whether or not a guest is present or whether the discussion is taking place over a meal or any other inappropriate time). In all fairness, these are student apartments and they’re all students so I guess this is pretty much all they do, especially after submitting their theses as they prepare for summer break.
Another thing that I still haven’t quite gotten used to with these students (madam included) is how they can go weeks without any trace of meat in any of their meals… EISH man, all these veggie meals day in day out and assorted green leaves are even making my complexion lighter! Okay, I understand meat is expensive especially out here but surely if they all chipped in (say for example the way they chip in to buy alcohol for instance) then maybe we would be able to see some meat floating in all the green herb-smelling stews once in a while.
As for the weather, I still have beef with madam who tells me how nice and warm it is out there in Scandanavia only to get here and find that its barely 5 degrees Celsius with scattered drizzles.. yeah, next time she says pack for a Swedish summer, I’ll know what to do.
I could go on and rant about the whack music, the boring ambience, and this quiet almost lifeless town as a whole, but I’m sure you get where I’m going with all this…

To be continued.


Now listening to: Lauryn Hill- Everything Is Everything

11 thoughts on “Say Hi to Mr. “No Thanks”

  1. wow…sounds like u need to head back on down to middle Europe where the sun shines, there’s some decent music and all those faabulously interesting people who talk about lots of intellectual stuff…

  2. Dawg. please tell me the myth is true that ‘Sveden’ consists entirely of tall, gorgeous, long-limbed, blond-haired Scandinavian goddesses. Please tell me it is so!

  3. Few and far between.. otherwise, ma ironing boards kibao. Havent come across any Victoria Silvstedt or Ida Ljungqvist types. 😦

  4. @msaniixl: yo, Saigon bodied that track tho! As for the likes of Adam Tensta, his euro pop garbage has no business being fused with rap.. btw peeped your blog man, it’s dope! are you on twitter?
    @Mo: its a tag-team man. Kipepeo does “Sparkles” and I do “Thoughts”

  5. Appreciate the love man….naw man i gave up on twitter, tried it for few weeks…i like ya writing keep it up.

  6. there is beauty in all things natural. take time to notice the raging sea, the rushing glens, the simplicity. i’m sure sweden has some wonderful things about it too! afteralll, i know an amazing girl who chose to live there a short while in her beautiful life… surely with her by your side the whole world sparkles! 🙂

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