Taking the Bull by the Horns…

…in this case grabbing the Lion by the balls.

Last week of my internship, moving out of my place, 2 exams on the way, rough patch with my lady and its only Tuesday!

This week will either make me or break me but at the end of it, I know I’ll be better off for having gone through it.

Meanwhile my eyes remained fixed on the horizon, hoping that everything I have worked so hard to build thus far both in life and love don’t wither away or start to falter. The dreamer and optimist in me is still in there-somewhere, even though sometimes I wish I had a bit more than just the usual ‘having-a-good-feeling-about-things’ to go on.

So now every morning, I say a prayer and start the day knowing that God doesn’t give us anything we cannot handle.

I’ll be back.

Now Listening to: Pharcyde – Runnin’

4 thoughts on “Taking the Bull by the Horns…

  1. That photo is hillarious..what is that guy really doing? And isn’t that lion being too tame? Maybe it likes it!

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  3. @|d®| yeah man, pulled through. Hope you enjoyin da summer-time!

    @ savvy the lion is a disgrace, even the she-lion cant bare the sight. lol

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