Chewing Off More Than You Can Bite..


Just like earlier on, I’m still very excited that the African continent is hosting an event as huge as the 2010 World Cup. That being said I grew a bit concerned when I saw pictures like the one above of uncompleted stadiums but as long as the work is finished on time i.e. the next 3 months, things should still be fine.

Then I saw THIS in the news.

Why on earth would anyone, let alone high ranking public officials, think that legalising prostitution in time for the World Cup would be a good thing for South Africa as a whole?

This coming from a land where HIV/AIDS is literally airborne, misogyny is practically a national sport and violent crimes are every day occurrences.

I fully understand that South Africa is feeling the pressure of living up to the examples of previous World Cup host nations most notably Germany who did a superb job as hosts in 2006. But decriminalising prostitution should not be seen as being synonymous with hosting a successful World Cup especially when there are more pressing matters and urgent preparations that should be occupying the Government’s collective mind like building, developing and improving South Africa’s limited infrastructure. Countries like Germany didn’t have to worry about things like that; it already had readied stadiums, roads and transportation.

I also understand that South Africa would wish to maximise and indeed reap the rewards of hosting such an important global event. But legalising prostitution in a country as fragile as South Africa both socially and economically is a BAD idea. The floodgates would literally be opened to an unprecedented number of cases involving human trafficking, sexual violence and abuse of both women and children.

Therefore instead of pondering on how to make a quick buck from the commercialisation of the sex industry during the World Cup, South Africa should focus on what they promised to accomplish in their FIFA bid to host this prestigious event and I’m pretty sure legalizing the oldest profession in the world was nowhere on that list.


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