Would You Study in Sweden?


Anyone who’s looked for universities to attend in recent years may already know about Sweden and their no-tuition policy. Contrary to earlier reports, I’m glad to hear that this policy will be around for a while longer.

I can understand why people that have bum-rushed Swedish shores over the last couple of years would falsely equate this “no-tuition policy” with “free education”. I would too. But as we all know, graduate school anywhere is anything but free! Especially if you’re a foreign student. Even in Tuition-free Sweden.
Granted, you do not have to pay tuition but you still have to prove to have the equivalent of the tuition fees at your disposal in order to be admitted. Then you have to pay compulsory Student Union fee levied each semester as well as keeping up with accomodation and other expenses. In addition, there is currently no scholarship system in place and I’m not aware of any Swedish universities that offer deductions of any kind for financially needy students.

Then, there is the Swedish bit. Although most Swedes are able to speak english, swedish is still the official language. So, most foreign students would be unable to get part-time jobs to help pay some of their bills.

Personally, I would argue that the good quality European education one stands to get from a tuition-free Swedish university is well worth the trip even though there are a few hidden costs involved, slim-to-none-chances of finding a part-time job and a Swedish people that generally tend to keep to themselves.

Hey Studera, look out for my application in 2010!


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4 thoughts on “Would You Study in Sweden?

  1. Actually there are scholarships given by the swedish government for non-EU students…so one could always apply for that…

  2. Hey, Just found your Blog – There are actually Scholarships for Non-EU students and some are very country geared. Their Guest Scholarships include students from Kenya ( At least for Masters, PhD and Post-Doc). The Scholarships are offered by the Swedish Institute and all you need is your letter of admission from Studera….Email me if you need more details…I actually have found out quite a few things about studying in Sweden of late 🙂

    Haveing been thr school – Undergrad and Masters in Kenya and the USA – what Sweden offers is PRICELESS!!!! PLUS – the education is of TERRIFIC quality! Getting admitted actually requires some pretty good GPAs and other Pre-reqs….

  3. @misschee: Thanks for that clarification on scholarship opportunities.
    @Cynthia: Karibu – I’m so glad to hear someone other than misschee that speaks so highly of swedish education especially since you’ve studied and lived on other continents! Sweden is definitely top on my list of places for grad school. Lund would be my first choice inch’allah I’ll get in.

  4. While searching about studying in Sweden, I came across your blog. It’s really nice.

    Well the news that Swedish scholarships have been extended was quite excited. I was glued to Studera waiting for the admission to open. I had arranged all my docs, every thing but my heart broke to find out that there was no course related to my field with more than 120 cr hrs, as Swedish embassy does not issue visa for less than 120 credit hrs 😦 . My subject is Economis and unis are offering only short courses for this semester 😦

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