You Aint Ready! Nah, Y’all Aint Ready!


Funny movie, wouldn’t you agree?

Anyways, today was another glorious day in Central Europe. If today’s temperatures were anything to go by, its going to be another hot summer in a few weeks time! So after work, I decided to take the long route home via the lake and every other car that drove past me was a sleek sexy convertible of some sort which literally had me bumping into lampoles constantly. But much to my surprise, all the young-ish ladies I came across enjoying the afternoon sun were not much to look at. **SHOCK!**.

Did the recession hit y’all so hard that you totally forgot how to ride a treadmill after work or atleast hit the gym on Saturday’s??!

Okay, it wasnt that bad out there but it wasn’t good either. You cant blame a brother for noticing especially when half these women decide to sun-bathe all over the place and the other half are walking around in leggings like they are pants. Here’s a tip: If it goes sheer over your booty and your shirt doesn’t cover your butt? Put it away!!

Not hatin’, I’m just sayin though.

As for my lady, she already know I got her Vitamin ‘D’ and Work-out plan right here on my lap besides it aint nothing but a little ***
June 6th, it’s going down!!

For the rest of the ladies out there, get a plan… a workout plan! STAT.


Now Listening to: Kanye West – Workout Plan

2 thoughts on “You Aint Ready! Nah, Y’all Aint Ready!

  1. I can’t front – I have a special weakness for the fit & trim. Think Megan Fox, or Meagan Good, for that matter. [The latter so oozes sensuality.]

    But at least a little winter fat can be worked out. What’s worse, for me anyway, are the deathly pale legs you see every time the sun comes out. Nuh-uh, no can do. But then again, I prefer girls with year-round tans, a.k.a. black. lol!

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