You’re My Queen But I Can’t Ignore the Freak..


I think my lady and I are really getting used to each other; whether we’re apart or together, I love how we always keep it 200% real with each other. Especially for her, now that she cant be here with me and the distance creates opportunities for other brothers to move in; whenever she needs some, even if it’s over the phone, she knows who to call and at the end of it, we’re both smiling.

It all kinda reminds me of that Common verse that goes:

“So much I wish you were here with me now
My bad, I just hit redial
I want you to come and never leave now
Is your mind and your right hand free now?
Our love-reach deep down inside of it
As the candle burns
where desire’s lit
Makin’ love knows no distance or environment
When we (ahh), feel the most high in it
I feel you touchin’ me and I begin to rise from it
Your love is stuck in me
Our minds are so alive and thick
Picture my hands on your waist
As I stare in your face
Your mouth half open
Your love I can taste
Embracin’ you
Life: I let go
Gotta switch phones ’cause this one is ghetto
Another level of love we create when we take it to
And when it’s made, Erotica, it’s made for you”


Now Listening to: Common – Star *69 (PS With Love)

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