A-pork-alypse: Try To Remain Calm..


Truth be told, I couldnt give a small baby’s tush what kind of genetic mutations led to this Swine Flu, I was just happier when I knew it was out there in the States and that it would stay far away from the rest of us. Not any more.

Today’s news confirmed that WHO has raised the pandemic alert to Level 5! So I guess we all should be worried. My main worry is that we need to contain this epidemic before it becomes a global pandemic in which case, it would clearly affect the developed world disproportionately. This is highlighted in Dr. Chan’s statement where she says:-

“From past experience, we also know that influenza may cause mild disease in affluent countries, but more severe disease, with higher mortality, in developing countries. ”

So I guess this is not just the Americas’ problem anymore.

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