The Week That Was…


It’s another lazy Sunday afternoon, following the Celts game online (hope they lose). Anyways, here are some of my monkey-fighting thoughts on the past Monday-to-Friday week in no particular order:


Ahmednijad at the U.N:

I attended the Conference as part of my work and also shared my thoughts on the Conference debate.


Susan Boyle:
There has been such a buzz around this 47-year old woman from Bathgate, West Lothianthe UK so I decided to check her out. I was totally blown away. What a voice! Rock on, Susie! I see a lucrative record contract in your future. And that whole 40 year old virgin thing is pure marketing gold!


Beauty, Brains and Big Hair:
Here are Africa’s First Ladies, who travelled to Tinsel Town for a Health Summit, posing for a photograph and it appears that Tina Turner is one of them. Scratch that, it’s just Mrs. Biya!


Somalia and the United States of America:
Question: What do these two countries have in common?
Answer: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Yup, they both hate children since they are the only two countries that havent ratified this UN Convention… up to now!!

But I digress. This week, both of these countries were in the news for something else, namely pirates.
So basically Somali pirates hijacked the wrong ship, namely the US Naval Vessel Maersk Alabama. All of them were shot dead except one lucky guy who was sent to New York to be tried. The problem with the U.S is that piracy is still considered a 17th century crime so I’m guessing they’re going to have to come up with 21st Century solutions to this piracy problem. Either that or just dump them on us to somehow deal with them as if we dont have problems of our own.


Please stand for the national anthem: Mshini Wami
My peeps in S.A got the day off work on Wednesday so they could all go and vote.. No guesses as to which party will carry the day..


Tweetest Taboo:
I joined Twitter recently and I’m loving it. To briefly state some of the things I find appealing about it:
-Simple, fast, very easy to use.
-Great networking tool, where you can form and build relationships and build your reputation.
-Just like blogging, it is a great tool for building your personal brand.
-Excellent resource tool to research public opinion on different topics.
-Its short and sweet. You only have up to 140 characters to express yourself.
-Real time interaction, you can receive news as it happens.
-If you have THAT much time on your hands, you can always follow celebrities and see what they are doing. Famous Twitter account holders include God, Obama, King of Tweeter “Ashton Kutcher” with 1 million followers, Demi Moore, P Diddy and my favorite Oprah.

Despite all its apparent merits (atleast to me), it’s been such a bloody mission getting the rest of my friends to get on board with me. One friend told me point-blank:

“its twitter….fb is addictive enough….now i need a stupid thing like twitter where i will be updating my status every second min….lol. But seriously, did you know that 3.7 million people laid off in the States in the last 6 months. They created it [Twitter] for the masses of unemployed people. And what better way to keep the masses occupied by making them update on every tedious doing in their unemployed lifes.”

And she wasnt the only one reluctant to join Twitter for similar reasons. Oh well I guess selling Twitter to people wasnt as easy as I thought…


That’s all folks. See yall next week, Peace.


Now Listening to: Mos Def – Say You Will

3 thoughts on “The Week That Was…

  1. I see you don’t like the Celtics; I like them tho, specifically Rondo & Allen. This is one exciting season tho; so many good players. Like, Wade & LeBron are ridiculous!

    Speaking of Mos Def, I heard the was talking trash about Jiggaman & Lil Wayne. Hope he strikes a nerve; would be interesting.

  2. Celtics may win tonight but I dont see them beating the Cavs in the Eastern Conf. Finals. Oh well, we’ll see.
    As for the Mighty Mos, I dont think talking trash is a good look for him. For now, I’ll wait and see how well his new joint “The Ecstatic” does.

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