Working with idiots can kill you..


Frustrating morning at work. I think God meant me to be a UN intern so I can see just how fucked up dysfunctional all its organizations actually are and hopefully, I would be forever deterred from wanting to work here later in my professional career. Gee God, thanks a mill.

The short-term contract, the small remuneration and the quasi-staff access is all the glimpse I needed into the deep, dark rot which lies beneath its blue-flag-wreath-logo exterior and I now see just how much of a difference there is between this organisation’s laudable objectives on paper and what it really does in practice. This is a far from a sudden realization. In fact, what am I saying? The only reason I wanted to work here was because of the exposure and the benefits that come along with the job. Like many of us, I had also heard of all the corruption, mismanagement, elitism, discrimination and other embarrassing scandals involving this organization and its staff but I chose to ignore it. I chose to ignore it because I believed that the UN is still considered by many as one of the most respected and safest places to work and gain career advancement. Not!

I wont rant and rave too much about all the underhanded, dubious things I’ve witnessed since I started because it will only take more of my precious little lunch time but I remember how desperately I prayed to get in here which can only be matched now by how anxious I am to leave.
As for my earlier concern about the impact the economic crisis will have on them and how their ‘noble work’ around the world will be hampered by it, that was the old me trying to be a good little intern. But, if you ask me, they deserve it. Its’ a simple equation really:-

70% of expenditure is on staff members + current economic recession = drop in organisation’s income from member states, donations, contributions etc.. + expenditure remains constant = overall deficit = job losses

And I sure hope that everyone in my Division gets axed first! And be clear, the puny no-name intern you spat on will be long gone by then watching everything come crashing down.


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3 thoughts on “Working with idiots can kill you..

  1. Let it all out, why doncha! And that Slap joint by Luda perfectly complements your mood right now. lol!

    You’d think the people working over there would all be selfless, focused, dedicated revolutionists. That’s almost as disappointing as when I heard that the Red Cross actually sells blood that was given freely, operating costs notwithstanding.

  2. Surprise! Really most people would kill to join the UN – it looks so nice not just on CV but for me the sexy part is travelling all over!

    I always ‘thought’ it was a professional environment until I did an interview! Anyway good luck

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