Walk by faith, not by sight..

We all the same colour when you turn off the lights..

We live in an increasingly unstable and dangerous world where words, whether said expressly or implied in one form or another, are the REAL weapons of mass destruction. Enter the “Durban II” previously known as the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.

I know a lot of people have very little faith in the UN bringing about any meaningful change in the world we live in. Admittedly, as an organization, it has many faults but if you really want blame the UN for being toothless, start by looking at its key member countries and their unwillingness to work together with other member states or agree on anything for that matter.

But I digress.
If ever there was a missed opportunity for our world leaders to come together and help heal our divided world in an atmosphere of dialogue, discussion and debate facilitated by the UN, Durban II would be it.

My two cents on the entire debate:

Zionism & Racism = two sides of the same coin. Walk-out on me like the rest of those hypocritical Western diplomats and see if I care.

Okay, it may sound like another Ahmadinejad in the making so allow me to make a few things perfectly clear.
I don’t deny the holocaust and strongly disagree with anyone who would. Nonetheless it should be admitted that the Zionist state of Israel bears the certain hallmarks akin to an apartheid state. South Africans who visited Israel/Palestine, notably Desmond Tutu have land found the treatment similar to the treatments of black South Africans under apartheid. Okay, its not really my place to say whether or not the Israeli’s are bigots but if you were not outraged by the Israeli government’s attacks on Gaza, mass killings of Palestinians, seizures of land and forced displacements of indigenous people in the past 60 years, then I guess we can just agree to disagree. Also, while I personally do not support Hamas, their actions against the state of israel have not warranted the disproportionate use of violence against Palestinians.

As for the Western nations that decided to boycott Durban II but still feel the need to use the ever-willing media to criticise and condemn everything that is not pro-Israel as hate speech, then I guess that is why there will never be lasting peace anywhere else let alone in the Middle East.

I admit my rant about this whole Durban Conference thing is moot since today was only the first day but speaking as someone who was at the Palais Des Nations witnessing it unfold before my very eyes, I am left wondering what will it take for people to put the ideological views aside and tackle the real issues involving racial discrimination, anti-semitism and other intolerances that still affect us in our daily lives.

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