What I wouldnt give to be little Timmy right about now.

Having someone to drop everything else they’re doing and just focus on me: the questions I have, the dilemmas I’m faced with, the options I’m weighing up in my head and most importantly the consequences of my eventual choices and decisions.

I guess that’s just the quarter-life crisis kicking in…again. Being a grown-up is definitely not what its cracked up to be. But at little Timmy’s age, I’m sure I’d have given anything to be my dad’s age, in the big car, with big job and cool clothes but I guess that all fades in comparison to all the stress, hassles and bills that come with the grown-up life. Did I mention the bills?!! Yeah, I hate the bills. They’re everywhere, bills, bills and more bills and when I open my mailbox and I dont see a bill, guess what, I see catalogues of cool stuff on sale that will eventually result in more bills!

Death and taxes, they say. So since I’m still breathing and I pay my share of taxes (mostly VAT for us immigrants), I hope to have many more breaths and many more bills to pay.


Now Listening to: Frank Sinatra – That’s Life

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