If life is a female dog, well atleast mine’s got headphones!

Aside from the daily ups and downs, I’ve been following the news and headlines and I swore I would drop a blog post or two with my views and thoughts. But I’m tired, it’s late and I’m pulling another late night of studying before work tomorrow morning..
So, instead of giving you my 2 cents on everything that has taken place thus far, I thought I’d tell you what song jumped in my head when I read the news stories and headlines in the media.

In no particular order:

Martha Karua leaving Kibaki’s Grand Confusion Government :-

Brenda Holloway – What Are You Gonna Do When I’m Gone

Kibaki’s reaction on hearing the news of Karua’s resignation:-

Bob Marley – She’s Gone

Charges against Jacob Zuma aka “JZ” dropped:-

Jay-Z ft. R Kelly – Guilty Until Proven Innocent

President Obama on his G-20 visit-turned-world tour extraordinaire:-

Ludacris – Pimpin’ All Over The World


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