Better to have loved and lost…

break up

Two of my female friends got dumped this weekend.

And at the back of my mind, I knew there are two guys out there somewhere fronting like they hadnt just thrown away the best thing that ever happened to them. Dumb fucks. fools.

But I digress. Both of my friends went through pretty much the same ol’ thing… He cheated (and not in a Dwele kinda way)

So I had to struggle to answer that age-old question that every heartbroken girl asks her good ol’ guy-friend: “why do all men cheat?”

Until this day, I have never come up with an entirely satisfactory answer. All I know is that the real question is not “why do all men cheat?” but rather “why do most men cheat?”

I dont know how to break my answer down (no pun intended), so let me see whether I can use an analogy.

Imagine you were walking on a deserted beach and you see a shell in the sand. You stop, you look at it, pick it up, examine it, blow the sand off it then put it in your pocket and walk home. When you get home, you take out the shell, clean it and place it somewhere where you can stare at it all the time. Suffices it to say, you really like the shell and you’re so glad you found it.

Now imagine, the shell symbolises the woman you’re with right now.

The way I see it, there are three types of men in this world. There are those who abandon that shell because its not shiny or appealing enough any more so they get rid of the good old shell and go for something newer and shinier. Then there are those who get bored with just having one shell so they decide to add on several other shells to make a necklace. Then the last type of man, which is the rarest of them all, always remind themselves of that sunny afternoon when they found that one and only shell which they picked out of all the other shells on the sand so they decide to stick it out with that one shell.

My analogy may be weak but y’all get the point. 

I guess Break-ups are not the easiest things to understand sometimes but with time, we all have to learn to accept that they  do happen.  That’s why we all just need to take a minute and be grateful for all we have despite life’s ups and downs.

So, for my two girls going through this awful special moment, here’s what you need to do on this beautiful Spring Saturday night:-

1) Listen to “Prototype” and realize how many men in this world would dedicate that song to you..

2) Then proceed to

a. Get.

b. That.

c. Dirt off your shoulder!

2 thoughts on “Better to have loved and lost…

  1. And there’s the guy who knows when to walk away when that thing calling itself love turns out to be gone & dead or probably never existed in that couple. Most guys fit in this category.

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