Might I Have A Word…


Dear God*,
It’s your son, Cloudvillian™. I know its been a while since we last spoke but it still feels like you’ve been here; watching over me at home and at work, reassuring me that my family and friends are taken care of, guiding me through March and all its madness and most of all providing me with my daily bread and a safe roof over my head.
There are so many other things that I’m grateful for but allow me to fast-forward that list and go straight to my requests.
I’ll make it brief.
First off, thank you for giving us Spring, but why is it still so cold and gloomy? Please look into that, thanks. I also would like my girlfriend to know that since my last blog post, my silence was due to the fact that I needed some time to just reflect on life and future plans but let her never doubt my undying love for her. Also please make me as smart as Xiaohang Quan so I can impress my bosses at work. Moving on, I dont mean to be nagging but please tell celebrities to stop fooling around on Twitter.. Why cant they all just adopt more African babies? That would be nice. And tell Peta that their ads have gone a bit too far.. (but who’s complaining..really). Anyways, please can I have one of these when they go on sale here? (see, I’m being reasonable, i asked for the cheap stuff). Also, I know this is probably asking too much but please ask the leaders meeting at the G20 this week to spare a thought for the rest of us in the developing world especially in their formulation of counter-recessionary fiscal and monetary policies. On that note, please keep an eye on the Chinese, at the rate they’re going they’ll be a superpower in no time, then the whole world is doomed! China has already made serious inroads in Africa
Finally, please tell people to find better things to do with their time and energy apart from coming up with things like this, or this or that.
Anyways, apart from that. Thanks for everything. And sorry about complaining about having to eat veggies every Friday. Wont happen again.


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