How is your heart?


yup, I missed the bus last night.. oh well, I guess it was a fairly good night for a long stroll anyways.

I thought about her all the way home. In the beginning, I ranted and raved about how she always starts something and just decides to stop.. but in the end, I guess there wasnt really too much she could say: I know what her gwan is and I know I’m not in any position to help her directly but I would definitely be able to hold her tight, stroke her hair and tell her everything will be alright and remind her that God never gives us anything we cannot handle.
But in my bid to get her to open up, I may have pushed a bit too hard or maybe I should have pushed a little harder..

All I know is, I want to be there for her, I know she knows I care but I want her to understand that my desire to be there for her is constant regardless of whether it’s a big or small problem, simple or hard choice, in good or bad times.

I know the lines of the song are kinda ‘corny’ (as my baby brother would say) but I shall post it nonetheless, for her:-

Babyface – Stressed Out

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